because these are hilarious

"It didn’t work."

Anonymous said:
are you a fire

Anonymous said:
are you ever gonna tell jet your real name or WHAT


"…I don’t know what you’re talking about."

"What do you think ass tastes like."



Hey! Jetko tag, i love seeing you active and I love to see the good lil rowboat still tootin’ on! HOWEVER: let’s stop posting art without sources, yeah? That’s kind of really terribly awfully rude to the artists who put in all the effort and time to create such wonderful pieces of art for our boys, you know?

So: if you don’t know the source, don’t post it.

It’s really simple.

Really, really simple.

And if you see unsourced art in the tag, don’t reblog it. That’s a big slap in the face to the artists and it could discourage them from wanting to create any other pieces.

Source the art you post. Link to the artist’s tumblr, deviantArt, pixiv, wherever.

Google is not a source. Weheartit is not a source. Zerochan is not a source.

The artist is the source. That’s it.

It’s really simple, y’all.

Anonymous said:
do you wanna eat jet's ass y/n

*spits everywhere*



"You’re cuter."

[tsundere noises]




           ❝I mean, who really minds if there’s a few stray leaves?

                        I like my tea to have texture      art has texture!

"…A couple of leaves, huh? So does that mean you tell fortunes, too?"